Walter Marin / Positive Attraction. Seven Simple Steps for More Love, Money, and Happiness

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Автор  Walter Marin
Рік  2014
Категорія  Эзотерика и парапсихология
ISBN:  9780991063901
How do we bring into our lives what is truly best for us?If we can learn to identify what is truly best for us and choose to bring it into our lives, then the desires we attain will be life enhancing beyond what we have ever experienced before.Life is beautiful. Sometimes, though, we seem to be distracted by outside circumstances that make us lose focus on what is really important to us what makes us happy, and what we truly desire in life. With this book, learn the complete process of the Positive Attraction System to take control and bring more of what you desire into your life. Apply the simple proven steps to attract anything you want: Attract more money, or lower eliminate your debts, become wealthier, and have more time to do what you enjoy. Improve your relationships with loved ones and friends, or even find that perfect someone. Lose those extra pounds, look younger, grow healthier, and have a stronger and more energetic body. The purpose of the Positive Attraction System is not to merely lift your spirits. That feeling usually lasts for a few hours to a couple of days, but eventually the feel good effect wears off. With proper usage this book will help you reach higher levels and permanently improve your life in the areas that matter the most. Regardless of what you already know about attracting positive things into your life, this book provides new and essential information that will open your eyes to how powerful you really are and how to take more control of your...
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