Swanson Peter / The Kind Worth Killing

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Автор  Swanson Peter
Рік  2015
Категорія  Other
ISBN:  978-0-571-30221-5
Hello there. I looked at the pale, freckled hand on the back of the empty bar seat next to me in the business class of lounge Heathrow airport, then up into the stranger's face.`Do I know you?`Delayed in London, Ted Severson meets a woman at the airport bar. Over cocktails they tell each other rather more than they should, and a dark plan is hatched - but are either of them being serious, they could actually go through with it and, if they did, what would be their chances of getting away with it? Back in Boston, ted's wife Miranda is busy site managing the construction of their dream home, a beautiful house out on the Maine coastline. But what secrets she is carrying and to what lengths she might go to protect the vision she has of her deserved future? A sublimely plotted novel of trust and betrayal, The Kind Worth Killing will keep you gripped and guessing into the late night.
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