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In this monograph, the Ghanaian philosopher, Samuel K. K. Blankson, takes up the question of time. He argues that time and the application of time are two different things in the mind, but they are often conflated in practice. For example, he says if you want to know the true nature of time you cannot rely on the clock, no matter how it is analysed. Under relativity there is no longer a universal time; therefore how we get our own peculiar earth time to programme into the clock is what you want to know. He Also that the claims merger of space and time in the германа маньківського theory of& 34;space-time& 34; is tautology; it is not a new way of giving us our earth time as& 34;space-time& 34;. To merge time with space means the time was already there! On the other hand, to argue that there is time already but has now been merged with space is logically untenable---man cannot use mathematics alone to alter natural entities physically.
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