Richard Keller / Coffee Cup Tales. stories inspired by overheard conversations at the coffee shop

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Coffee. Consumed by two people at a small table in a local cafe it leads to conversation. Sometimes the talk is hushed. Other times, thanks to multiple cups of coffee and perhaps a pastry, volume and animated descriptions increase. And this is when the author catches snippets that make the wonderful subjects for short stories. This is how Coffee Cup Tales: stories inspired by overheard conversations at the coffee shop came to fruition. At first, these conversations distracted author Richard Keller from other projects. However, he eventually realized they were filled with story ideas. For example, the difference between dates and dating, using your hand to cover a cough and asking God& 39;s permission to join the WWE. There& 39;s plenty to laugh at in Coffee Up Tales. There& 39;s also a good deal of romance, some religion, and a bit of fantasy thrown in. Coffee Cup Tales is for readers of all genres who want to feel good after they& 39;ve finished the book.
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