Ancient Peoples in Their Own Words. Kerrigan M.

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Ranging from the ancient Egyptians to the late Roman Empire, Ancient Peoples in their Own Words makes historical primary sources accessible. Presenting numerous ancient inscriptions from tombs, ceramics and buildings, accompanied by translations and text putting the work into context, this book explains the significance of these works both to the ancient world and for us today.
Besides famous cases such as the Egyptian Rosetta Stone and Tutankhamun’s Tomb, the book features lesser known cases such as the Decree of Themistocles or examples of Roman graffiti. From military treaties to religious inscriptions, and from hieroglyphics to cuneiform to ancient Greek and Latin, the book includes examples from classical Greece, Rome, Bible texts, Persia, Minoan and Mycenean dynasties, as well as a couple of mysterious, still undeciphered cases.
Illustrated throughout with more than 300 colour and black & white photographs, maps and artworks, Ancient Peoples in their Own Words is an exciting, expertly written, highly informative and innovative insight into the history of the classical world.
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