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A unique collection of over 30 short stories and spoofs.& 34;Doctor George& 34; is no ordinary doctor, Louise aged 8 blackmails her father, Betty is elderly but how respectable? Leo mysteriously disappears from his suburban home, Harold has a disturbing experience in a massage parlour, Mike the beggar is taken for a ride, the Cecil bored вікарієм rashly gives a sermon on an unmentionable subject, and Sir Charles is much too ambitious as a High Court Judge. These and other stories with a twist are calculated to cause splutters of shocked laughter. Some are suitable only for laid-back readers and a few are quite simply unsuitable. As for spoofs, opera-lovers will (with any luck) choke over the plot of A Night at the Opera, Question Time in the House of Commons will be seen in a new light, and Christmas newsletters from just friends won't seem the same. It's a risk. Are you willing to take it?
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