National Geographic Society / Our World 3. Grammar Workbook

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Автор  National Geographic Society
Категорія  Other
ISBN:  978-1-337-29286-3
Our World is a new primary series in British English. It uses fun and fascinating National Geographic content and stunning images to give young learners the essential language, skills, and knowledge they need to understand their world.Our World Starter can be used before Our World Level 1, and is for young learners with no previous exposure to English. It is designed to give learners the basic skills for the language learning, including: Understanding basic vocabulary in context Comprehending simple content concepts Developing phonemic awareness for the sounds of English, and визнаючи проектів житлового and writing the alphabet and simple words.Key Features: Language presentation and practice Chants and games Listening and speaking activities A reading/story for every unit 8 pages of introductory writing practice Free online resources. ISBN:978-1-337-29286-3
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